Mahul PAP Township: Conditions Of Housing, Neighbourhood Planning And Quality Of Community Services : A Preliminary Report


December 2017

This preliminary report is based on ground surveys and spatial analysis (using GIS software) conducted by the authors to evaluate the conditions of Mahul township and its livability.

The Mahul Projected Affected Persons (PAP) township is built under the SRA’s 33(10) Clause 3.11, or the PAP scheme.  The scheme area of Mahul is 16.15 Ha. There are 17,205 tenements built in the scheme that are meant to accomodate 86,025 inhabitants. It was developed originally for rehabilitating hutment dwellers displaced due to the implementation of the Brihanmumbai Storm Water Disposal System (BRIMSTOWAD). The township is less than 50% occupied. The MCGM is trying to rehabilitate hutment dwellers that it is evicting along the Tansa Pipleline, and is facing strong opposition from the families being relocated. People have complained about the unlivability of the township due to its proximity to the Bharat Petroleum (BPCL) refinery, inaccessible location (the nearest railway station, Sion, is 7.0 km away), poor neighbourhood planning, insanitary conditions, absence of social infrastructure and absence of livelihood opportunities.

The report argues that the conditions of the settlement are extremely poor, and making it habitable calls for radical alterations in its overall layout and design, major repairs, and upgradation of infrastructure and services. The only way it can be made habitable is if more than half of the buildings are pulled down to create more open spaces, community facilities are built, the remaining buildings are repaired and modified to create markets and workshops, if sanitation and services are repaired and improved, if access to public transport is augmented, and if employment suitable to the skills of workers rehabilitated here are available nearby.

Download the full report here






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